Favourite Songs May 2014

Favourite Songs right now!



Favourite Lyrics


You know when you are listening to song and you you listen to the lyrics or sing them ridiculously loud in my case, and you juststop and think god that’s a good line or it just won’t leave your head? well I have a book load of them, here’s a few of my favourites!

1. You Me At Six – Save it for the bedroom

‘So who’s keeping score on who is a whore’

(I tend to sing this really loud, giving people the eye)

2.One Direction – Little White Lies

If this room was burning
I wouldn’t even notice
‘Cause you’ve been taking up my mind.
With your little white lies, little white lies.

(Even though I do hope lads that if the room really was on fire, you would notice and save me like a damsel in distress)

3. One Direction- Diana

Diana, Let me be the one to lift your heart up and save your life,
I don’t think you even realize baby you’d be saving mine.

(Aww how sweet… Can I change my name to Diana please? Tar love.)

4. The Calling – Wherever you will go

If I could, then I would
I’ll go wherever you will go
Way up high or down low
I’ll go wherever you will go


5. Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You look good on the dance floor

Stop making the eyes at me,
I’ll stop making my eyes at you.

(Oh Cheeky)

6. Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire

I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down down down and the flames went higher.

( Obviously because One Direction didn’t notice the room was burning)

7. Alexisonfire- Boiled Frogs

Poor little tin-man, still swinging his axe even though his joints are clubbed with rust.

(Any wizard of Oz reference is ok in my books)

8. Lewis Watson – Sink Or Swim

Sink or swim,
Hold your breath and just dive right in.
Ride the wave,
(just) ride the wave far from where we came.

(This makes me want to be all romantic on a beach)

9. DJ Otzi – Hey Baby

Hey, Hey Baby (ooh aah)
I wanna know (oh ooh)if you’ll be my girl
When I saw you walking down the street
I said thats the kind of girl I’d like to meet

( I always feel like I’m in a movie and have to act out the lyrics…insert strutting down the street)

10. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – By The Way

Standing in line to
See the show tonight
And there’s a light on
Heavy glow
By the way I tried to say
I’d be there waiting for

I may do a part 2 of this, as I realised there are just so many lyrics I love that are not just One Direction lyrics. ..believe it or not.



My playlist right now

As you know I’m a huge music fan and my taste is very varied so I will post some songs in which I constantly have on repeat right now. Enjoy!

What a load of slime – Snail Facials

So for £50 are you prepared to let snails slime their way over your face for 20 minutes for an instant glow?… Definitely Not. I had to turn up my nose at the article  in ‘The Mirror’ explaining that ‘The trail of mucus which is said to contain highly beneficial proteins, anti-oxidants, and anti-bacteria’… but it also forgets to mention that it most likely contains shit too. I mean Come on…  I for one will not be putting my name down for the treatment.

Yes Mr Snail, I feel the same way.


Check out the article here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/snail-facials-hit-uk-can-2237069

Music Lover

I am a massive Music lover and I just can’t seem to dedicate myself to one genre. I have been going to concerts since I was about religiously since i was about 8, my first one being ever one being when i was a baby to see Kool and The Gang. That’s right my mum and Dad thought it was a great idea to take twin babies to a concert… CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES C’MON, Not that i remember the concert mind you but still not many people can say that James “J.T.” Taylor said that they were the most beautiful baby they had seen. That title my friends is dedicated to me (must of had a few whiskeys at that point). My concert that i can remember has to be good old Steps, popping out of massive christmas presents. So i have decided to put together a list of people i have seen Live, giving you and idea of what music i like and also to remind myself as i have a memory of a fish!

Steps, Westlife, Blue, Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Pussycat Dolls (Dont know why i went to that one tbh), Rihanna, Red Hot Chilli Peppers x2, Linkin Park, The Killers, Dizzee Rascal x2, All Time Low, Ed Sheeran, Mayday Parade, Passenger, One Direction x2, You Me At Six x5, Paramore x3, Kaiser Chiefs x2, Ronan Keating, Rise Against the machine, Blink 182, District 3, N Dubz, The Saturdays, Jason Derulo, Metallica, Slipknot, The Wombats x2, The Feeling, Olly Murs, Plain White T’s, Biffy Clyro, Santagold, Babyshambles, The Cribs, Seasick Steve, The Morning of, The Ting Tings, Foals, Vampire weekend, One Night only, The enemy, Weezer.

Gigs next year –

Maroon 5 and One direction


One Direction ‘This Is Us’ Movie *Contains Spoilers*

The day the premiere of One Direction had arrived Tuesday 20th August 2013. I was a very lucky lady indeed to receive tickets to advanced screening of the film in Sheffield. I could hardly contain my excitement because as you know I am a major fangirl of the 1D Lads.

One Direction at This Is Us premiere in London

 The screening started at 5:30 showing the live stream from the red carpet premiere in London. I was at that point clapping and singing along with the other girls at the screening even i 95% was a GREAT deal younger than myself but HEY i will bond with anyone who can belt out the Take Me Home album at the top of their lungs. There was a wake up call when the Lads arrived on the red carpet and a girl of 8, screamed ‘Pinch me… I must be dreaming’ and another one ‘Niall you sexy Irish Leprechaun get in my bed’ where i found myself do a double take but that was soon forgotten when the Lads winked and kissed the camera, queue swooning.

Live stream from Sheffield Cinema


OH My DAYS it was incredible (Not that I’m Biased}, The documentary was every directioners dream there was plenty of laughter, songs and even teary bits from the Lads parents which had me weeping like a baby.

Favourite bits


but if i had to be picky here were my top  moments

1. When the Boys went Home. You get a glimpse of their home life and their life before X Factor, seeing the boys at home and acting like the down to earth lads you expect them to be. You even get to meet louis northern Gran who seems like a legend and wants to make an appearance at a show when she gets some ear plugs.

2. When Harry and Liam are just chilling on a dock of some sort. Harry just lying there being beautiful and Liam is doing some graft catching a fish, until he finally catches a decent sized fish and the pair of them are pratting around with this fish, with them both dying of laughter. Which resulted in myself crying wth tears.

3.  The Concert. Seeing the concert in 3D was amazing, even if i was scanning the crowd to see if i could see myself at the concert. Even though i think they must of cut my footage as I was basically shaking my boobs at Mr Harry Styles. Perks of the 3D made it very up close and personal, had to stop myself from reaching out to stroke Liam’s face. I was singing along to my favourite songs and shedding a little tear for ‘Little Things’ as i am teenage girl after all (Well I like to think I am)

4. Im sorry but i can’t miss out the bit where Niall is at Pride Park watching Derby County play. As I am also a Derby girl! COME ON YOU RAMS.

5. When the lads perform a backstage run through of little things and Niall and HARRY have a moment on bonding. NARRY alert. Harry very romantically shoves his finger up Niallers nose whilst singing the heart warming song and flicks his bogie away. So beautiful.

THis is as i said a directioner’s dream but even those who not so much fans of the lads will enjoy it as it reveals how relatable they are and down to earth. THye been given an opportunity and are grabbing by the horns. SO hats off to them. I wouldn’t change this for the world (Especially Harry in his boxers) but i would like to of learnt something new about the boys, but this might just be a sign that I in fact know too much about them and in fact am a stalker.

In cinemas from the 29th!

This Is Us

The Life of Job Hunting begins

I am now a graduate of The University Of Lincoln ( for those Inbetweeners fans ‘Goodbye first rate education, Hello University Of Lincoln’) or goodbye in my case! It has been an emotional roller coaster filled with laughter, red bull and supernoodles. I am now opening my eyes to real world in where looking for jobs is the first thing I do in the morning to the last ( apart form checking one directions twitter of course). It difficult to decide what i want to do, as I just keep hoping the perfect job will jump out at me ( Cough Cough Sugarscape or One Directions PA) but reality has hit me and tossing burgers seems a more likely choice.  I have gone from wanting a job in journalism,Theatre, scriptwriting, photography, Filmmaking, social media and becoming a Youtuber. So From today I have given myself tasks until October to keep my head in the game.

1. Write to EVERY one i can in regards to internships and start networking

2. Start writing a sitcom (Ive gathering ideas for a while now)

3. Do a blog post everyday!

4. REMAIN POSITIVE – You never know miracles do happen!

Fall Out boy are back!

fall out boy

I am a massive fan of Fall out boy, their albums from under the cork tree (2005) and infinity on high (2007) shall forever remain on my ipod. Fall out boy has today released the Music video for ‘My songs know what you did in the dark’. It’s been a while since fall out boy released any new music, so i was skeptical at first as with most bands their comeback are a lot worse than their original material, which brings HUGE disappointment . The new sound is different from their old sound but I have to admit i don’t hate it. They still keep their catchy chorus, which will always be a big selling point. So yeah, looking forward to the new album Save Rock and Roll, which will hit store shelves on May 7th.

The Hobbit

*Contains Spoilers*


After a very long wait, this week has seen the release of The Hobbit ‘The Unexpected journey’ and i have to say it did not disappoint.

I am a fan of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ trilogy and was generally excited to hear they were making the hobbit into not only one but three movies. Now i did raise my eyebrows at this three movies? surely not? it is the shortest book after all.

The Hobbit has a running time of 2hr 49 minutes and even though many people have said they noticed this and the film seemed to drag. I did not… in my opinion it went rather quickly. The hobbit was action packed and rather humorous. I found myself laughing at most scenes due to great comic timing, mostly provided by the dwarfs. There was some well known faces too amoungst the cast such as regulars Ian Mckellan, Cate Blanchett and a cheeky cameo from Elijah Wood. New faces are seen such as Richard Armitage, James Nesbitt and Martin Freeman and many more.

I have too admit i am not a hardcore fan that has read the books, the mere size of them frighten me. I am quite happy to settle with Peter Jackson telling me the story.

‘A younger and more reluctant Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, sets out on a “unexpected journey” to the Lonely Mountain with a spirited group of Dwarfs to reclaim a their stolen mountain home from a dragon named Smaug.’

The story focuses more on the dwarves and their quest claim back their ‘Home’. They are led by Thorin played by Richard Armitage. Armitage does an exellent job of  portraing the pride ridden dwarf prince who has lost both his father and grandfather. I cannot fault the acting or casting choices as they fit each character perfectly, Martin Freeman doing a terrific job as Bilbo Baggins. Andy Serkis also returns as the voice of Gollum, showing banter through a game of riddles.

I cannot contain my love for this film an recommend it to anyone, even if you have not seen Lord of the rings before. It’s full of action, comedy and adventure and holds great escapism. I am however a bit skeptical about splitting the film into three but if they are as good as this one I look forward to them!

The X Factor 2012

Well isn’t this year’s X Factor a bit dramatic?. I still find myself glued to the television screen every single Saturday and Sunday night with a range of emotions. I am one of viewers who watch it too the end, even if this year it has annoyed me beyond belief.


  Auditions are always a pleasure to watch, as I’m sure a lot of you as well as myself find great joy in watching people make huge embarrassments of themselves. It may sound harsh but I’m allowed to say it, as i often am one of those people. That Britney spears impersonator will always be scarred into my memories. I’m a huge music fanatic, so of course I also enjoy watching to find the next big star, as part of the audience we start this emotional life changing journey with them.             Image

  I agreed with all judges choices for their acts to go through to live shows, except wait for it…  Nicole. No baby No. I believe instead of Rylan she should of put through Adam Burridge but was soon relieved when i found out he may be put through as the people’s choice, but was then disappointed to find out Chris ‘Cruise ship’ Maloney was chosen instead.


  At the start of the shows I grew very fond of all the contestants, I will write about the ones that have stuck out to me this year.

Ella Henderson- Ella is by the most talented singers singer by far int he competition. her cover of Cher- Believe will still to this day, remain one of my favourite covers. Ella turned out every week doing incredible vocal performances. This however made Ella forgettable as she brought nothing new to the screens and soon became boring, even though no one can deny her talent. I believe in the point she was voted off in the competition was very un justified as there were worse singers left and i still felt she deserved her place.


Jahmene Douglas – Is just adorable and i stick to my word now. I would like a pocket sized one of him to take with me everywhere. His talent is indescribable and i find myself enjoying all his performances every week. I am now started to find he very predictable and worry for place in the finals, as he may get boring just as Ella Henderson did. I still cannot fault his voice and his genuine desire for the music.


James Arthur- I cannot sing the praises of this artist enough. He every week comes back with something different, gripping the audience start to finish and knocks it out of the park every time. He has a raw talent and such a deep connection to the music he performs you cannot not fall under his spell and be a fan of this guy. He is different to any other contestant to the show, which makes him stand out and have so many fans. I am still in shock at the fact he was int he bottom two last week.


Union J – I love this band. Originally triple J but was George was added at judges houses. They seem to be the dark horses in the competition as they improve every week. I may be biased as you may has realised I’m a fan of boy bands. With the great success of One Direction i can only see great things for the band. It makes a change to find a boyband that can all sing and blend together like these do. Doesn’t help they are all gorgeous too, I have a soft spot for George.Image

     Rylan Clark-  Now tonight Rylan was voted off The X Factor and i have to admit i was half a little sad to see him go as he was great entertainment but the other half was delighted for Union J as a sing off with the correct result by the judges finally happened n was judged by vocal ability. Rylan has been a pleasure to watch and proved himself to be a nice guy throughout and this is not the end for him. TOWIE and Eurovision will soon open their arms wide for him.


 Chris Maloney – Now i don’t know where to start… Why is he still here?. During audition process we all felt him and soon grew emotionally attached to the nervous scouse but as soon as he was voted in to live shows he did a 360 turn and turned into a Dive. Let’s all be honest i love 80’s and classic songs from the past but lets just leave them in the past shall we?. Who would buy his music seriosuly and at this point tin the competition he should be out. I for the life of me cannot understand who is voting for him…My only conclusion is that his nan own multiple call centre’s.


 I know their are msuch more contestants in the competition but these are the only ones that have stuck out for me. Now i am a film and tellevision student. so obviosuly i know most of the show is scripted and fixed to a certain extent to increase viewers etc and let’s be honest people can moan about it all they want, it’s an entertainment show and entertaining is what it is doing.

The scandals of which have happened have caused me to tweet/ facebook and even write a post about the show. So it’s definitely doing it’s job right, It has got the audience talking about the show, making it remembered and publicise, which is their goal.

The absence of Simon Cowell the past season’s of The X Factor has definitely been noted though and i can’t help the show will never be the same without him. I always saw simon as the voice of reason and sense. Simon UK is your home and you should return, as i feel this would put the show back to it’s former glory but i remain however a fan.