Lewis Watson – Sink or Swim

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Fall Out boy are back!

fall out boy

I am a massive fan of Fall out boy, their albums from under the cork tree (2005) and infinity on high (2007) shall forever remain on my ipod. Fall out boy has today released the Music video for ‘My songs know what you did in the dark’. It’s been a while since fall out boy released any new music, so i was skeptical at first as with most bands their comeback are a lot worse than their original material, which brings HUGE disappointment . The new sound is different from their old sound but I have to admit i don’t hate it. They still keep their catchy chorus, which will always be a big selling point. So yeah, looking forward to the new album Save Rock and Roll, which will hit store shelves on May 7th.

Job Interview Outfit Ideas

Job Interview Outfit Ideas

 It has now come to the season of job interviews, as I near the end of my University Course. My housemates and myself have discussed what to wear as we want to make a great impression. Personally I hate the … Continue reading