What a load of slime – Snail Facials

So for £50 are you prepared to let snails slime their way over your face for 20 minutes for an instant glow?… Definitely Not. I had to turn up my nose at the article  in ‘The Mirror’ explaining that ‘The trail of mucus which is said to contain highly beneficial proteins, anti-oxidants, and anti-bacteria’… but it also forgets to mention that it most likely contains shit too. I mean Come on…  I for one will not be putting my name down for the treatment.

Yes Mr Snail, I feel the same way.


Check out the article here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/snail-facials-hit-uk-can-2237069


Gig outfit ideas

Now i have a few gig coming up and i was left wondering what outfit i should wear. Obviously this all comes down to what type of concert you are going to. I will be attending two One direction and Maroon 5 concert in the coming months but i am no stranger to a rock concert.  So i have put together some versatile outfit options for my fellow gig attendees! The garments are available from UK high street stores.


Christmas Day Outfit ideas

Christmas Day Outfit ideas

I always have the problem on deciding on what to wear christmas day. After all you want to be comfortable with your food babies and look glam at the same time. Here are a few key items i would wear … Continue reading