One Direction ‘This Is Us’ Movie *Contains Spoilers*

The day the premiere of One Direction had arrived Tuesday 20th August 2013. I was a very lucky lady indeed to receive tickets to advanced screening of the film in Sheffield. I could hardly contain my excitement because as you know I am a major fangirl of the 1D Lads.

One Direction at This Is Us premiere in London

 The screening started at 5:30 showing the live stream from the red carpet premiere in London. I was at that point clapping and singing along with the other girls at the screening even i 95% was a GREAT deal younger than myself but HEY i will bond with anyone who can belt out the Take Me Home album at the top of their lungs. There was a wake up call when the Lads arrived on the red carpet and a girl of 8, screamed ‘Pinch me… I must be dreaming’ and another one ‘Niall you sexy Irish Leprechaun get in my bed’ where i found myself do a double take but that was soon forgotten when the Lads winked and kissed the camera, queue swooning.

Live stream from Sheffield Cinema


OH My DAYS it was incredible (Not that I’m Biased}, The documentary was every directioners dream there was plenty of laughter, songs and even teary bits from the Lads parents which had me weeping like a baby.

Favourite bits


but if i had to be picky here were my top  moments

1. When the Boys went Home. You get a glimpse of their home life and their life before X Factor, seeing the boys at home and acting like the down to earth lads you expect them to be. You even get to meet louis northern Gran who seems like a legend and wants to make an appearance at a show when she gets some ear plugs.

2. When Harry and Liam are just chilling on a dock of some sort. Harry just lying there being beautiful and Liam is doing some graft catching a fish, until he finally catches a decent sized fish and the pair of them are pratting around with this fish, with them both dying of laughter. Which resulted in myself crying wth tears.

3.  The Concert. Seeing the concert in 3D was amazing, even if i was scanning the crowd to see if i could see myself at the concert. Even though i think they must of cut my footage as I was basically shaking my boobs at Mr Harry Styles. Perks of the 3D made it very up close and personal, had to stop myself from reaching out to stroke Liam’s face. I was singing along to my favourite songs and shedding a little tear for ‘Little Things’ as i am teenage girl after all (Well I like to think I am)

4. Im sorry but i can’t miss out the bit where Niall is at Pride Park watching Derby County play. As I am also a Derby girl! COME ON YOU RAMS.

5. When the lads perform a backstage run through of little things and Niall and HARRY have a moment on bonding. NARRY alert. Harry very romantically shoves his finger up Niallers nose whilst singing the heart warming song and flicks his bogie away. So beautiful.

THis is as i said a directioner’s dream but even those who not so much fans of the lads will enjoy it as it reveals how relatable they are and down to earth. THye been given an opportunity and are grabbing by the horns. SO hats off to them. I wouldn’t change this for the world (Especially Harry in his boxers) but i would like to of learnt something new about the boys, but this might just be a sign that I in fact know too much about them and in fact am a stalker.

In cinemas from the 29th!

This Is Us


District 3 interview

So I was having a a bad day at university back in march during a drama rehearsal and then on my break i noticed i had a missed call, then bam my phone started ringing again and it was SUGARSCAPE telling me that I had won the Journalist competition to interview District 3. DIstrict 3 were a boyband on X FACTOR UK 2012 in case you live under a rock. To say the least I was excited and started to dance around the drama buildings cafe, surprisingly not gaining to many weird looks as I am drama student (We’re all weirdos).

I won the chance to interview them at their gig in sheffield where i could bring a friend. I chose my cousin Charlotte as i knew she was a big fan. The oppurtunity cam a t a great time for me as im that stage where i have no idea what to do with my life, even though it has been my dream to work for sugarscape since i was a young collecting their magazine Sugar. Me and sugarscape are on the same wave length as it comes to boy bands, fashion, movies and music and as a fellow boyband lover it is inevitable that i’m addicted to their website.


interviewing district 3 filipe, micky,dan,greg, luke district 3

The gig was great and the guys performed new songs and covers that had the many girls there swooning. I got talking to Greg’s mum dad and girlfriend and they were all lovely and proud (bless).  I am expecting big things from this boyband and look forward to their future release of their EP. I did my interview after the gig on their tour bus with Greg, Dan and Micky as well as Luke Franks and their guitarist Filipe Oliveira. Find out who’s hung like a donkey and kisses like a washing machine

Here the link to my interview on the sugarscape website


Check out some of District 3’s performances


District 3’s youtube:

Twitter: @District3music