About Miss Hannah Patricia Morley

I am recent graduate from The University of Lincoln I have a degree in Film & Television and Drama. I’ve decided to start this blog to share my thoughts and idea’s about fashion, Holidays, Music, Films and celebrities and anything really. Im tend to find humour in many things in which other people do not (thats right, I’m that person who laughs in every situation). My Goal in life is to write for a magazine and write the next friends sitcom. I have an obsession with Boy bands and Coconut.

I hope to to find a job in the Entertainment industry whether be in Acting, Journalism, Screenwriting or making One direction coffee… it’s all a plan.

myself March 2014

Facts about myself.

1. I change my hair colour at least 4 times a year.

2. I have a twin brother called Ben.

3. I’m an open water Scuba Diver even though I’m shit scared of sharks.

4. I support Derby County Football club.

5. I want to see the world and will hopefully be travelling by the end of 2014.

6. Im extremely sarcastic and like to take the piss… unintentionally of course.

7. My family have started a thing called ‘Hannerism’ because I come out with the most stupidest things.

8. I see One Direction at least twice every tour…

9. I have a a small black car called Pelé ( I have yet to pass my test)

10. I like to sing whilst having a wee.

Social Networks:

Instagram: hannahpmorley

Twitter: @HannahMorley92

Facebook: HannahPatriciaMorley


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