It’s starting to feel a lot like christmas… Time to crack out your jumpers!

 Everywhere i look I’m surrounded by the reminders that it’s not long until christmas. This

1. Excites me… Family time with lots of food and drink.

2. Scares me… Where the hell does time go?

 Christmas is my favourite time of year, there’s nothing like spending time with family and friends and getting Merry.

 It also gives me a reason to wear thick jumpers, that make me look a fool but because it’s christmas time you get away with it. This are a few of my favourite jumpers at the moment.


Duck Jumper, £29 at Miss Selfridge

ImageTopshop For The Campaign For Wool, £48 at Campaign For Wool

ImageShauna Christmas Tree Jumper, £15 at


Rosie Snowflake Jumper, £15 at


Lacoste University Sweater, £85 at Asos


M&S Reindeer Jumper, £35 at Marks & Spencer


Le Mont St Michel X Urban Outfitters, £95 at Urban Outfitters


French Connection Copenhagen Knit, £89 at French Connection


Owl Printed Jumper, £31.20 aMiss Selfridge

 I think all these jumpers are gorgeous and most at affordable prices. My advice go and get your self wrapped up!



Starbucks and Costa festive drinks

The past couple of years, i have turned into a hot drink lover, i seem to never turn down a cup of tea or coffee. Recently myself and friends have taken it upon ourselves to have coffee dates in the town. I don’t know whether this a sign of we’re ‘trying’ to grow up and act sophisticated, I more see it as central Perk from friends. A gathering of girlfriends going to gossip and enjoy a hot beverage.



The start of our ‘dates’ soon came to the debate of where to go. We were soon faced with the dilemma of Starbucks or Costa?. We first tried Costa as one of my friends love the place and often visits. I was soon greeted with strong smell of coffee and cakes that soon had my mouth-watering. Being the season of winter and christmas fast approaching, we were also greeted with winter themed drinks such as slated caramel latte, praline and cream latte, creme brulee latte, black forest hot chocolate and honeycomb hot chocolate. I have to admit i was disappointed with my choice as I tried the creme brûlée latte, as I felt it tasted of a regular latte.





Having a craving walking home from the coffee date, i walked past a Starbucks and couldn’t resist myself popping in and grabbing a drink to go. I was also greeted by the option of festive drinks and couldn’t help bought order a praline mocha frappuccino. I often struggle with the choice of hot drinks or afrappuccino as I find them both refreshing even in this cold weather!.

I have to admit I was very satisfied with my drink, as i believe it or not tasted like pralines. I let my friend try the drink and she also agreed that it was very tasty, way better than the ones we had  at costa, even though we do remain fan’s of their strawberry lemonade!

starbucks toffee nut latte and praline mocha frapp

 The decision to take regular trips to Starbucks has become apparent, I am slowly but surely making my way through their drinks menu and enjoying every second of it. So my winner of festive drinks has to go to Starbucks, but costa is down but not out.

The X Factor 2012

Well isn’t this year’s X Factor a bit dramatic?. I still find myself glued to the television screen every single Saturday and Sunday night with a range of emotions. I am one of viewers who watch it too the end, even if this year it has annoyed me beyond belief.


  Auditions are always a pleasure to watch, as I’m sure a lot of you as well as myself find great joy in watching people make huge embarrassments of themselves. It may sound harsh but I’m allowed to say it, as i often am one of those people. That Britney spears impersonator will always be scarred into my memories. I’m a huge music fanatic, so of course I also enjoy watching to find the next big star, as part of the audience we start this emotional life changing journey with them.             Image

  I agreed with all judges choices for their acts to go through to live shows, except wait for it…  Nicole. No baby No. I believe instead of Rylan she should of put through Adam Burridge but was soon relieved when i found out he may be put through as the people’s choice, but was then disappointed to find out Chris ‘Cruise ship’ Maloney was chosen instead.


  At the start of the shows I grew very fond of all the contestants, I will write about the ones that have stuck out to me this year.

Ella Henderson- Ella is by the most talented singers singer by far int he competition. her cover of Cher- Believe will still to this day, remain one of my favourite covers. Ella turned out every week doing incredible vocal performances. This however made Ella forgettable as she brought nothing new to the screens and soon became boring, even though no one can deny her talent. I believe in the point she was voted off in the competition was very un justified as there were worse singers left and i still felt she deserved her place.


Jahmene Douglas – Is just adorable and i stick to my word now. I would like a pocket sized one of him to take with me everywhere. His talent is indescribable and i find myself enjoying all his performances every week. I am now started to find he very predictable and worry for place in the finals, as he may get boring just as Ella Henderson did. I still cannot fault his voice and his genuine desire for the music.


James Arthur- I cannot sing the praises of this artist enough. He every week comes back with something different, gripping the audience start to finish and knocks it out of the park every time. He has a raw talent and such a deep connection to the music he performs you cannot not fall under his spell and be a fan of this guy. He is different to any other contestant to the show, which makes him stand out and have so many fans. I am still in shock at the fact he was int he bottom two last week.


Union J – I love this band. Originally triple J but was George was added at judges houses. They seem to be the dark horses in the competition as they improve every week. I may be biased as you may has realised I’m a fan of boy bands. With the great success of One Direction i can only see great things for the band. It makes a change to find a boyband that can all sing and blend together like these do. Doesn’t help they are all gorgeous too, I have a soft spot for George.Image

     Rylan Clark-  Now tonight Rylan was voted off The X Factor and i have to admit i was half a little sad to see him go as he was great entertainment but the other half was delighted for Union J as a sing off with the correct result by the judges finally happened n was judged by vocal ability. Rylan has been a pleasure to watch and proved himself to be a nice guy throughout and this is not the end for him. TOWIE and Eurovision will soon open their arms wide for him.


 Chris Maloney – Now i don’t know where to start… Why is he still here?. During audition process we all felt him and soon grew emotionally attached to the nervous scouse but as soon as he was voted in to live shows he did a 360 turn and turned into a Dive. Let’s all be honest i love 80’s and classic songs from the past but lets just leave them in the past shall we?. Who would buy his music seriosuly and at this point tin the competition he should be out. I for the life of me cannot understand who is voting for him…My only conclusion is that his nan own multiple call centre’s.


 I know their are msuch more contestants in the competition but these are the only ones that have stuck out for me. Now i am a film and tellevision student. so obviosuly i know most of the show is scripted and fixed to a certain extent to increase viewers etc and let’s be honest people can moan about it all they want, it’s an entertainment show and entertaining is what it is doing.

The scandals of which have happened have caused me to tweet/ facebook and even write a post about the show. So it’s definitely doing it’s job right, It has got the audience talking about the show, making it remembered and publicise, which is their goal.

The absence of Simon Cowell the past season’s of The X Factor has definitely been noted though and i can’t help the show will never be the same without him. I always saw simon as the voice of reason and sense. Simon UK is your home and you should return, as i feel this would put the show back to it’s former glory but i remain however a fan.


My re ignited love for the game.

When I was younger I was a hardcore Derby County Fan… as a highly populated male family, it seemed second nature to go to matches, I also lived around the corner from Pride Park. I have very fond memories of most saturday or Wednesday nights attending the matches, freezing my ass off in winter. You cannot beat the atmosphere at a game. It was also the only acceptable time I was allowed to shout profanities at strangers, without the disapproving look from my mother (Even though she the worst of them) Whereas my Dad just looked proud.

Looking back 2004-2005 was my best season and ones i fondly remember with the likes of  Idiakez, Paul Peschisolido and Grzegorz Rasiak and finishing fourth in the league.  Another memory is seeing Manchester united play against Derby in 2002 with the babe that is David Beckham playing, that game also introduced me to my first streaker who took it upon himself to run the length of the pitch and swing on the goal post bars right in front of me. I remember my Dad pissing himself laughing while my mother attempted to cover my eyes, It’s safe to say i was scarred for life.

I also have found memories of my family bonding over our love for the game. BBQ’s and family gatherings were a common occurence as we watched matches on the television if we were unable to attend the actual match and being able to hear the crowd from my house always brought a smile to my face.

Around the age of 15, I stopped getting a season ticket and attending matches. I started to gain interest in girly things, a shock I know. Soon sixth form came and then University and football was the last thing on my mind. Even though I always remained a firm supporter of Derby County and was always kept in the loop by my family.

The past year though I have starting gaining my interest back into football as I went to watch family members play a local game. After attending I soon got the thrill and excitement back of watching football. I was also influenced by my housemate who is a hardcore Liverpool fan and football fanatic. Now I often watch every match I can.

By my re ignited love for the game has also got some family relationship closer including my brother and Dad. Even though I admit that I was close to them before as I have ‘Lad’s’ sense of humour, but we are now able to have conversations about football and a massive bitch fest about opposing teams like Nottingham Forest. My family is mostly Derby County fans but my mum’s side is also Leicester city fans and unfortunately my stepdad is a Nottingham forest fan. As you can imagine family gathering, birthdays and christmas is very entertaining.


The Finale to Twilight

 This weekend saw the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2, after a year wait from part 1. I do consider myself a fan of the franchise, I have read all the books and watched all the films and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them.


  Breaking part 2 was no disappointment either, the revelation of Renesmee and confrontation was two very important aspects of the franchise and lived up to expectations.

   Now of course every film has it’s downfall… Bill Condon went a bit OTT with the CGI. I felt it was all a bit avatar at some points. The Effects used on Renesmee was shocking and couldn’t help but laugh at this fake baby that seemed to be floating across the screen at some points. I was relieved when they soon moved onto a young actress to play the character, as i was too distracted by the ‘animated’ baby.


   Now i know most of the people watching the movie had already read the books just like myself and were knocked off their seat like i was at the surprise twist in the story. The confrontation with  in the book was very straight forward and clean with no deaths. How wrong were we?…We were confronted the heartbreaking death of our favourite characters…one’s we had grown so emotionally attached to.

     I found my mouth hitting the floor and turning to my friends whispering,’ What the hell is happening?’, I admit tears were streaming down my now Marilyn Manson looking face (should of worn waterproof) trying to comprehend the deaths of my favourite characters then…. boom, turns out it was all just a vision. The sigh of relief from the audience could be heard the other side of town, Bill Conon i take my hat off to you. Bravo you made me have a meltdown. The ending credits also left me feeling so emotional as then it hit me this was the end of a franchise i grew to love. The cast from all 5 films were credited as their image glided across the screen. 

  Now that this is over i can only hope that their will soon be a another franchise out about forbidden love as i admit they are my guilty pleasure… throw some  sexy vampires and werewolves in there and we’ve got ourselves a hit.



One Direction Obsession

 Now I may have mentioned my love for this band in other post beforehand but I have soon come to realise I have an obsession and unfortunately for me there is no rehab for this. I am a huge music lover and I have such a wide variety i listen to from Blink 182, You me at six, Linkin park, Red hot chilli peppers, Maroon 5, The Script, Ed Sheeran, Paramore, Kings of Leon and of course I’m a massive 80′ fan. Too add to my favourite list is One Direction.


    It all started with The X factor back in 2010 when they were puttogether by the famous Simon Cowell and came 3rd in the competition. I have to admit i liked them back then with their cute video diaries on the stairs. It was then the release of ‘What makes you beautiful’ that they really caught my eye. Now I am no stranger to a bit of cheesy pop music, definitely my guilty pleasure but I couldn’t help but find myself more intrigued by these lads and my google search began. 


   After what seemed like numerous hours of stalking I felt I knew the lads and they were my best mates. Which is strange I know… Harry seemed like the ladies man and with that hair and dimples who can blame him? Louis seemed like the funny one with loads on banter, Zayn was the bradford bad boy turned pouting hunk, Liam was the sensible spoon fearing teddy bear who has amazing chocolate eyes and Niall was the Irish, guitar playing, cheeky chappy who supports Derby County (My Hometown) so I obviously assumed we were all best mates.

    I soon began to follow them on twitter and watch their twitcam’s and they proved to me they were down to earth, funny guys who loved their fans. I not going lie I am one of those who do tweet them and hope for a follow or reply, in this messed up head of mine I think they will see me but I know it isn’t going to happen, though i can hope. I think my draw to them is that they are normal guys who love banter, which I love.

  I recently went to see Louis Tomlinson play football for his team 3 horse shoes FC in a match against Doncaster Rovers in aid of a charity called Bluebell woods. I attend University near Doncaster and had a friend who lived there and saw this as a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. After arriving at the ground I was confronted by crying screaming girls who were clawing a a metal fence, as they were just greeted with the arrival of the lads who came to support Louis. I was one taken by surprise of how dramatic the girls were… I say this as a drama student and two how much security the boys have to take with them. The game was great and as a football fan it was an experience to watch a match in a stadium full of girls, who just screamed every time the ball went near Louis. I felt as one of the few people there actually watching the game. My friend Charlotte found the whole experience comical as she was not a big fan and couldn’t get her head around it. The lad’s made time to go around the pitch and say hello to fans and Louis couldn’t stop thanking everyone for supporting him, which warmed my heart bless him. I felt as a mature fan, even though I’m hardly mature and not quite cougar status, I was too out of place but still seeing the lads in real life minus Zayn still made me happy and all for a great cause too!


    ‘Take me home’ shall be released very soon and I have pre ordered my deluxe edition, very exciting indeed. They recently released the stream on Itunes and I have to admit I have yet to stop playing it. The album is similar to up all night but with more of a ‘Live’ sound and more mature songs. What makes me happy is that there are two songs ‘Little Things’ and ‘Over Again’ which are written by my favourite artist Ed Sheeran, who I saw in concert last week in Nottingham ( Which may i add was one of the best gigs, I’ve been too in my life).  I can’t say I dislike any of their new material and cannot wait for them to perform them live. I shall be attending the ‘Take Me Home’ tour next year in April at nottingham and I honestly can’t wait. I may feel out of place being an older fan but I am taking my 18 year old and 13 year old cousin, so I am using them as my cover but I feel no shame.


    Now I know what your thinking your a 20 year old girl get a grip of yourself but I honestly will not … I am a fan. I can’t express how much stick I get for liking this band from my housemates and family but I love it. I won’t call myself a ‘Directioner’ because not to be mean but they are a bit mental, after searching twitter I found they were are all saying they will marry them, have their children, kill anyone who looks at them… mind you these are all 12 year old girls. They also have accounts that follow their every move.  While I admire their dedication, they scare the shit out of me. I  just picture hit girl from kick ass, holding the 1D dolls.

   I can’t help but feel sympathy towards the band to have no privacy and they try and live their normal teenage lives but I guess that’s the price you pay for stardom. What I admire about the lads is they don’t complain about it either, they are grateful for where they are and love their fans. They are not short of celebrity admirers too including James Corden, Barack Obama, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Will Smith and Justin Bieber. 

 So to conclude I have an obsession with One Direction and LOVE IT.