District 3 interview

So I was having a a bad day at university back in march during a drama rehearsal and then on my break i noticed i had a missed call, then bam my phone started ringing again and it was SUGARSCAPE telling me that I had won the Journalist competition to interview District 3. DIstrict 3 were a boyband on X FACTOR UK 2012 in case you live under a rock. To say the least I was excited and started to dance around the drama buildings cafe, surprisingly not gaining to many weird looks as I am drama student (We’re all weirdos).

I won the chance to interview them at their gig in sheffield where i could bring a friend. I chose my cousin Charlotte as i knew she was a big fan. The oppurtunity cam a t a great time for me as im that stage where i have no idea what to do with my life, even though it has been my dream to work for sugarscape since i was a young collecting their magazine Sugar. Me and sugarscape are on the same wave length as it comes to boy bands, fashion, movies and music and as a fellow boyband lover it is inevitable that i’m addicted to their website.


interviewing district 3 filipe, micky,dan,greg, luke district 3

The gig was great and the guys performed new songs and covers that had the many girls there swooning. I got talking to Greg’s mum dad and girlfriend and they were all lovely and proud (bless).  I am expecting big things from this boyband and look forward to their future release of their EP. I did my interview after the gig on their tour bus with Greg, Dan and Micky as well as Luke Franks and their guitarist Filipe Oliveira. Find out who’s hung like a donkey and kisses like a washing machine

Here the link to my interview on the sugarscape website



Check out some of District 3’s performances


District 3’s youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/GMD3music

Twitter: @District3music