New music releases have got me all excited. My faith has been restored.

    For Those who do not know me music is a big part of my life and my taste is very varied. Not long ago i sat listening to my playlist and realised no new music has made it on the playlist for a while. I felt a lot of artist’s nowadays don’t care about what they release, it’s all about the sales. What happened to being in it of the music?. 

 Thank god, lately all I seem to be doing is listening to new albums that graced my iPod. Everyone seems to be releasing a new album and i just happen to take a listen and was very impressed.

 One of my favourites has to be Chris Brown’s Fortune. Now, im not normally a big hip hop and R&B fan but Chris Brown just so happens to be a favourite of mine. His music is catchy, Easy to listen to and Fun. In order to make it on my playlist the music has to meaningful and have a message, i cannot stand music about getting drunk or about pizza hut and lipstick.


 Fortune has a variety of songs form love songs to your dual club anthem. My favourite’s have to be stuck on stupid, 4 years old, Party hard, Don’t wake me up and Do it again.

Another album i have on repeat at the moment is Maroon 5 ‘Overexposed’. I have been a fan of this band for many year and managed to see them live in 2007. They were one of the best bands I had seen live, adam Levine’s voice is quite flawless. overexposed explores their improved sound with chart toppers such as pay phone and moves like jagger. My favourite songs on this album include Daylight, the man who never lied, Sad and lucky strike. I have to admit i like all the songs on this album, which i admit is very rare. although they don’t seem to do wrong in my eyes or my ears for the matter as i have been a fan of most of their album releases.


 My next album is Linkin Park, ‘Living Things’. This is another band i have been following for years. After their release of ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora’ i have failed to rave about their other releases. However their latest album ‘Living Things’ has definately grabbed my interest. Instead of trying a new sound and going in a different direction they seemed to of come to their senses and gone back to their old sound, which i am ecstatic about. I have had the pleasure of seeing Linkin park live last year and they were not disappointing even if i wasn’t a fan of their new music because they did perform their old songs such a numb and In the End. Songs on the album that i have on repeat are Burn it down, I’ll be Gone, Castle of glass and Powerless. Even though