Summer… Holiday Envy.



My dream Vacation would be the bahamas Atlantis Hotel. Lush.

   It is now officially Summer and with that, you automatically think sunshine right?…Wrong. In England Sun hardly exists, only at random times and then it seems we are punished by weeks of rain. 

  Everyday I am greeted by numerous posts about people’s countdown’s to their holidays. I am then sent into depression, as I have no holiday planned as my parents refuse to take me after I turned 18. Bummer. Even though i admit I was lucky that i was able to visited a lot of lovely places when I was younger including Barbados, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia and of course my favourite, America. 

 I think after being spoilt like that I suffer holiday envy more than ever because I now can’t afford to go skegness for a weekend. To be fair I did save to go holiday with my university friends but as usual with any University student, they couldn’t afford it. 

 So i am now writing this drinking a sex on the beach, hoping my bedroom will pass a beach and the rain hitting my windows is actually the soothing sound of the sea. 



So I’ve been introduced to this blogging world. I first heard of blogging from my roommate who does a blog on here, and I couldn’t bring myself to not to read it as she is one amusing girl ( I will link her blog later). Then I got asked to do a blog as part of my university course, on site specific drama. I’m not going to lie I didn’t enjoy it, as I felt myself blogging about random shit I found through google.
I have now found myself in the summer holidays with nothing to do and thought hey why not start a weekly blog on anything at all?. I have to warn you though I do think randomly and talk about utter crap at times which you may find annoying or amusing, It could swing each way. My family and friends are jokes and I often feel I find myself in a Bridget’s jones movie.
So here’s a little about myself
Full Name: Hannah Patricia Morley
Age: 20
Hometown: Derby
University: University of Lincoln. ( Film & Television and Drama)
Siblings: Twin Brother
Pets: Two springer spaniels, Jasper and Buster.
Favourite Movie: Too many
Favourite music: I literally like everything except screamo and heavy metal. I also love a bit of cheese. Favourite at the moment are you me at six and ed Sheeran.
Favourite hobbies: I like to read, scuba dive, travel and love a good festival.
So Tata for now, just a basic introduction for you.