Beep Beep.


At the end of March I finally passed my driving test, GET IN! Now this was a big deal for me as i had been taking driving lessons on and off for about 5 years. 

  Now here are my thoughts on being a new driver, I’ve been driving for about 4 weeks now and I’ve learnt these things…

1. When it’s dark remember to my headlights on

2. Mini roundabouts are basically none existent

3. Curbs are good to bounce off.

4. I dislike everybody else on the road and they are out to get me.

5. Putting petrol in your car is a whole new experience ( finding which side your petrol cap is a joy, when you constantly forget and have to reverse)

6. My car is too thirsty, Petrol is expensive.

7. I talk louder than my horn.

8. I always turn the wrong way when I reverse

9. The motorway isn’t that bad (As long as you have a working satnav )

10. Bring back Wheely shoes.