My re ignited love for the game.

When I was younger I was a hardcore Derby County Fan… as a highly populated male family, it seemed second nature to go to matches, I also lived around the corner from Pride Park. I have very fond memories of most saturday or Wednesday nights attending the matches, freezing my ass off in winter. You cannot beat the atmosphere at a game. It was also the only acceptable time I was allowed to shout profanities at strangers, without the disapproving look from my mother (Even though she the worst of them) Whereas my Dad just looked proud.

Looking back 2004-2005 was my best season and ones i fondly remember with the likes of  Idiakez, Paul Peschisolido and Grzegorz Rasiak and finishing fourth in the league.  Another memory is seeing Manchester united play against Derby in 2002 with the babe that is David Beckham playing, that game also introduced me to my first streaker who took it upon himself to run the length of the pitch and swing on the goal post bars right in front of me. I remember my Dad pissing himself laughing while my mother attempted to cover my eyes, It’s safe to say i was scarred for life.

I also have found memories of my family bonding over our love for the game. BBQ’s and family gatherings were a common occurence as we watched matches on the television if we were unable to attend the actual match and being able to hear the crowd from my house always brought a smile to my face.

Around the age of 15, I stopped getting a season ticket and attending matches. I started to gain interest in girly things, a shock I know. Soon sixth form came and then University and football was the last thing on my mind. Even though I always remained a firm supporter of Derby County and was always kept in the loop by my family.

The past year though I have starting gaining my interest back into football as I went to watch family members play a local game. After attending I soon got the thrill and excitement back of watching football. I was also influenced by my housemate who is a hardcore Liverpool fan and football fanatic. Now I often watch every match I can.

By my re ignited love for the game has also got some family relationship closer including my brother and Dad. Even though I admit that I was close to them before as I have ‘Lad’s’ sense of humour, but we are now able to have conversations about football and a massive bitch fest about opposing teams like Nottingham Forest. My family is mostly Derby County fans but my mum’s side is also Leicester city fans and unfortunately my stepdad is a Nottingham forest fan. As you can imagine family gathering, birthdays and christmas is very entertaining.